“Maggie Webber’s session made me think about how events at work or in life affect you and by thinking positive (glass half full view) that we as individuals can overcome obstacles. Some staff were so inspired they are completing the NLP scholarship in the near future. I would encourage any forward thinking organization to have Maggie come in and present to their staff.”  

– Helen Connell, Manager Human Resources, Holroyd City Council

“I first met Maggie at a communication course, at which she was the presenter. I was impressed by her knowledge, passion and openness. These personal qualities gave me the confidence to approach her for life coaching. It was something I had contemplated for awhile but had hesitated as I was looking for the right person, one with whom I had a connection. Maggie’s coaching has been uplifting, and she has delivered beyond my expectations.”

– Kim Hadley, Psychologist

Maggie is one of our finest teachers. Her dedication and commitment are truly infinite”

– Deepak Chopra.

“Thank you Maggie. You are one of the best Business and Life Coaches I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Thank you for all your continued guidance 🙂 ”

– Harj Uppal, Principal, Regency Real Estate

Maggie is an incredible coach for the most amazing game in the universe, LIFE. She helped correct my problems and excel in other areas of life, even the unimaginable. Her energy and techniques are invaluable and drive true success. Thank you.’

– Harold Quinones, I.T. Professional

“When I began my coaching with Maggie, (who happens to be my own mother), I had no idea what to expect. Because Maggie has always been my life coach, I was interested to see just how much further she could influence me than she had already!
Within the first session, I knew that this coaching was going be life changing, and it has been just that!! I have always been someone with dreams and aspirations, however Maggie has directed me in such a way that helps me progress one step at a time, which was something I have never been good at. Within just 2 months I now have such clarity of vision, and have successfully started my own Wellness Coaching business …by the age of 20.

I would highly recommend Maggie’s coaching to anyone who has trouble taking that first step or needs any readjustments in their life, big or small. Thanks Mum!”.

Chris Ogle – Professional Athlete , Model and Principal, Equipt Wellness Coaching.

“Maggie Webber’s work is fresh, innovative and right-on for businesses struggling in this new environment. She won’t improve your business – she’ll show you how to revolutionize it! If you’re stressed out, uncertain or worried about your future, you need to find a new way and Maggie is one of the best new ways I’ve experienced”.

– John McGrath, McGrath Real Estate.

The program with Maggie has simple but powerful tools to estimate where I REALLY am in relation to my goals and dreams. She then provided me with easy and effective action steps to breathe life into these dreams and bring them into creation. On top of it, Maggie has the patience and tenderness to make sure the road map is clear, and that I relax and enjoy the journey as well.

Ahmed Aqeel, Senior Process Engineer, Aramco Oil.

I think meditation is so enjoyable and the feeling is some thing I’ve never experienced before. I’d recommend it to any one”

– Brett Ogle, Professional Golfer and Foxtel “Golf Show” Host.

My sessions with Maggie have given me practical strategies to take me from vague dreams to concrete plans, and to be able to realistically review and revamp these plans as I move forward. I find Maggie’s positive approach most supportive and energising; she clearly likes to ‘walk beside’ each person she works with.

Helen Simmons, Remedial Massage Therapist and Pilates Instructor.

“When I meditate twice a day, meditation gives me the opportunity to sort things out in my life. It releases stress and allows me to focus my energy 100 per cent on what I’m doing, be it working on my music, singing or being with my children”.

– Jimmy Barnes, Entertainer and TV Personality.

In the few months since I started seeing Maggie, my life has already changed dramatically for the better. She has helped me to objectively evaluate my life, and create my short and long term goals. Maggie has helped me gain a new perspective on my relationships with friends, family and colleagues, and gain a greater understanding of how to interact with those around me. With her guidance I have left an unhappy workplace and moved on to a better, brighter future. I’ve gained self-confidence, self-belief and a clear view of my path ahead. I would recommend Maggie to anyone seeking to take stock of their lives and consider any life decisions, from minor tweaks to major, life-changing improvements.

Jules Barry, Personal Trainer.

“I have known and worked with Maggie for over ten years, and she is unique. Her limitless energy and drive are engines for her passion and performance. Her knowledge, guidance and typical ‘lead from the front style’ have helped me enormously, and I look forward to working with her more in the future”.

– Mark Tonelli; Olympic Swimmer, TV Presenter and Producer.”

“My experience with Maggie came at a time when, as a young entrepreneur, I needed much more than just inspiration or motivation.
I needed guidance from someone who understood how certain areas of my life affected others. Maggie’s spiritual insight, business knowledge, and her down-to-earth motherliness formed our bond in our first interaction; and ever since, Maggie has been my personal life coach, and a dear friend. I couldn’t have asked for anyone more inspired to guide me to better my life now!”


Mario Malik – Youth Empowerment Speaker, DJ and Entrepreneur.

Maggie is a vibrant, dynamic speaker, who uses her own personal life journey to help illustrate her subject matter – be it business, relationships, parenting, spirituality in life, stress management – to name a few. She has a powerful, life transforming impact on people who often discuss her talk when next we meet.

– Peter Brock AM., Peter Brock Foundation.

I have known Maggie for only a short time. However in the time I have known her, I have found Maggie to be a kind and friendly person, who strives to help people reach their potential, personally and professionally. Through her I have gained more self confidence, self awareness and self belief, that I had previously lost because of a marriage breakup and pending divorce .

Maggie reminded me of who I am and what I deserved, and encouraged me to pursue my dreams regardless of my circumstances.

I have now taken a job that has requires me to do just that, In fact, only today, I have been asked to take on another role within my organisation as a Business and Development Consultant which is very exciting.
I can’t thank Maggie enough for her time. I know she will be very successful in her endeavours , which I also know will be of great value to many people.

I would recommend Maggie to anyone needing a Success Coach.

Margaret Yaziciyan, Business Development Consultant.

My experience with Maggie’s coaching showed me that she is a natural, and very good at what she does. She knows how to communicate with and educate people extremely well. In the past I have had some difficulties with retaining and utilising what I have learnt, and doctors have given me all kinds of labels because of this. Yet with Maggie, everything she said I understood immediately and I have since applied it to my life. Thanks so much Maggie.

Cameron McAdam, Professional Musician.

The best thing about my times with Maggie is the stories she shares! Although these are often about her own experiences, she does not tell them out of self indulgence. These experiences resonate with me so much, because I know she has been through all the challenges that so many of us face in life, has found a way to break through them all, and has become a much better, kinder and wiser person in the process. All the tools, techniques and short-cuts she has picked up on her journey, she willingly gives to others who are ready to receive them. Maggie does not give advice. Better than that; she helps others to help themselves!

Delbar Minbashian, Screen Play Writer, Concert Pianist, Singer and Sole Parent.