• About Maggie Webber…

    • Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching, Uni. of Tasmania
    • Bachelor of Business Leadership, Uni. of South Africa
    • Masters of Commerce, Uni. Of NSW

    Since establishing her own marketing and management consultancy over 30 years ago, Maggie Webber has worked with corporations as well as individuals, by providing them a variety of tools to increase their productivity, assist in managing stress levels and achieve greater work/life balance. Initially specialising in sports marketing, Maggie later worked with a variety of clients, ranging from professional athletes to top executives and entertainers.

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Her particular expertise is working with elite and ‘corporate athletes’, showing them ways to create time out for themselves as they juggle to balance career and family commitments.

Whilst living in the US, she studied with Dr Deepak Chopra, and became his first certified meditation practitioner in the Pacific Rim. Having taught over 2,500 people this practice, she then added a number of other modalities into her tool-kit, including NLP and Life Coaching, so she could assist her clients to reach far greater levels of personal potential whilst remaining balanced in their lives.

Maggie has always had the ability to see ‘the big picture’. She has a true talent for combining the creativity and innovation of entrepreneurialism with a pragmatic, focused realism. Through her “3 Months to Transformation!” coaching programs, she mentors individuals to identify their true passion, purpose and talents and to envision their own extraordinary future. She works closely with her clients to break their big goals down into bite sized pieces, and keeps them accountable at every step on their journey to achieve them. As a team they ‘weave the dreams’, whilst building a realistic, practical and firm foundation to make these dreams a reality.

When presenting in a group environment, Maggie’s passion to share her experience and wisdom makes her workshops, webinars and keynotes unique, empowering, fun and easy to follow. The practical tips and tales she offers can save her audience members hours of energy and effort, leaving them much more time to get a “Bigger Bite Out Of Life”! www.maggiewebber.com.au

Maggie is very passionate about coaching, mentoring and presenting, but it is as the single mother of Christopher and Rachel she finds her greatest balance and joy.

To contact Maggie please email her maggie@shifthappensnow.com.au, or call her on 0490 035765.

Who has benefited from working with Maggie?

“Maggie is one of our finest teachers. Her dedication and commitment are truly infinite”

– Deepak Chopra.

“Maggie Webber’s work is fresh, innovative and right-on for businesses struggling in this new environment. She won’t improve your business – she’ll show you how to revolutionize it! If you’re stressed out, uncertain or worried about your future, you need to find a new way and Maggie is one of the best new ways I’ve experienced”.

– John McGrath, McGrath Real Estate.

” Maggie is a vibrant, dynamic speaker, who uses her own personal life journey to help illustrate her subject matter – be it business, relationships, parenting, spirituality in life, stress management – to name a few. She has a powerful, life transforming impact on people who often discuss her talk when next we meet.

– Peter Brock AM., Peter Brock Foundation.

“I think meditation is so enjoyable and the feeling is some thing I’ve never experienced before. I’d recommend it to any one”

– Brett Ogle, Professional Golfer and Foxtel “Golf Show” Host.

“When I meditate twice a day, meditation gives me the opportunity to sort things out in my life. It releases stress and allows me to focus my energy 100 per cent on what I’m doing, be it working on my music, singing or being with my children”.

– Jimmy Barnes, Entertainer and TV Personality.

“I have known and worked with Maggie for over ten years, and she is unique. Her limitless energy and drive are engines for her passion and performance. Her knowledge, guidance and typical ‘lead from the front style’ have helped me enormously, and I look forward to working with her more in the future”.

– Mark Tonelli; Olympic Swimmer, TV Presenter and Producer.