Starting from Monday, 6th Fabraury, 2017, I will offer the “3 months to Transformation” Life Coaching Program, via webinar. I have created this program for people who are serious about making changes in their life and are keen to work with a coach, but time, distance and/or budgetary challenges have been holding back from taking the first step. So I trust I have created a way to make coaching work for you!

“When individuals join in a cooperative venture, the power generated far
 exceeds what they could have accomplished acting individually.”

–R. Buckminster Fuller

The program is structured in the following way:

A group webinar will be held every week for 13 weeks. This will be recorded and archived within 48 hours for those who missed the call.

There will be weekly homework, and a daily (5 minutes/person) “check-in” call with your assigned buddy.

Goal tracking sheets will be given at the outset of the program, and will need to be emailed to me every weekend. A prize will be awarded to the person with the most points on the group call the next week, and a grand prize will be given at the completion of the   “3 Months to Transformation” Program. Graduation certificates will be awarded to all who complete the course.

Week 1: Where we lay the foundation of the next 12 weeks by creating your “Success Map” or what some may also be called your “Wheel of Life”. We take a snapshot of exactly where you are in the 6 main areas of your life including Business/Career, Health and Wellbeing, Emotional, Financial, Relationships and Spiritual.

Week 2: In this session we uncover your Values, your Purpose and the steps to Create your own Personal Mission Statement.

Week 3: We uncover the 5 steps to having anything you want in life, and create 3 short term and 1 long term “Smarties” goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Tangible, Inspirational, Emotional…leading to Success…and a Smile!)

Week 4: Our past environments have a major influence on our belief systems. Your current environment is the sum of all your past environments, beliefs and experiences. We discuss the two greatest Circles of Influence in your life and how they are affecting you, positively or negatively, and who you may already have in these circles that can assist you achieve your goals.

Week 5: We discuss the 3 major components of achieving a positive (or negative) state. State is the energy we carry, the way we feel, look and sound, so in a positive state we can achieve so much more than in a depressed or negative state.
Week 6: Relationships affect every area of our lives. We create a list of the qualities we would like to find in our ideal partner, be they in life or business (or even in one of our children!), and what may be preventing them from showing up in our lives.

Week 7: “The past is history, tomorrow’s a mystery, today is a gift…that is why we call it the present!” We work with the Mobius Strip to create ways to stay in the present rather than being stuck in our past or our future.

Week 8: This session shows us ways to go from Victim to Creator and from Laying Blame to taking responsibility and Living an Empowered Life,“Above The Line”.

Week 9: Tools to provide more Creativity and Truth to the 6 areas of your Life, to discover who you REALLY are.

Week 10: In this session we revisit the Success Map to measure your progress, and work on Forgiveness to create more liberation, energy and fun in our lives.

Week 11: Time to Party! We create ways to acknowledge and reward ourselves, to celebrate our wins and achievements, and create an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’, which is the most powerful and empowering emotion there is.

Personal Life Coaching with Maggie includes:
•    Weekly scheduled group coaching calls for up to 60 minutes
•    One email coaching question/day
•    Weekly online goal tracking
•    A buddy is assigned to you to help keep you on track and accountable
•    Video coaching available for those with webcams
•    Access to the “Tools and Techniques” section of my website, which has Free E books, resources and access to a variety of products to help you on your journey to achieve your dreams and desires.

For those who want to take things up a notch I will happily provide specific Small Business Coaching, either concurrently or at a later date if required.

At this level of the program I will work one-on-one with you as your life is rapidly transformed towards fulfilment and success, both personally and more particularly in your Business.

More specific details on the results that can be gained are found under the Business Coaching Tab, but will include sessions on such areas as identifying your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and Niche Market, Creating Marketing and Business Plans, Time Management, your Personal Alignment with your Business, and more.
Fees are payable by Visa/MasterCard or PayPal. There is no commitment beyond one month, though it is recommended that you undertake the coaching for at least the full three months to get the best results. Many of my clients have been with me for much longer than this, because their lives have changed so much and they love the results they are getting.

Receive the best return on investment – in yourself – by paying for the program in full up front, and receive a 15% discount!!
If the thought of coaching resonates with you, though you are not quite ready to have personal life coaching yet, then the Masterclass series program may be just right for you!!!

If you would like to register for the next “3 Months to Transformation” Masterclass series Program with Maggie, please email me on, and I will also send you a copy of my Free E book: “Meditation – Relaxation for your Mind and Muscles.